The Body Mechanic


Fitness. Nutrition. Mind/Body.  A holistic approach for SUPERIOR health.  



201 Laurence Crossing, Suite 203
Heath, TX 75087
p: (817) 366-0484
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Our Mission

The Body Mechanic Wellness is a Holistic Health Practice that integrates physical activity, nutrition and mind/body exercises for improved health and increased strength, while providing tools to manage stress and sleep.  These components work synergistically to create a body that is build to last!

Regular exercise and proper nutrition are the building blocks of a fit and enduring body.   The Body Mechanic provides specialized exercise and nutrition programs that guarantee results!

Fostering a connection between the mind and the body leads to a greater awareness of self, less stress, improved sleep and an engaged and active mind.  Mind/body exercises have the proven benefit of enhanced brain cognition, decreasing risks of age related mental decline.

Corporate and Employee Wellness

Group Training

Offer Onsite Team Building Group Training Sessions and Boot camps! 

Yoga and Pilates Classes

Create a positive work environment with Office Yoga and Pilates Classes!


Increase employee health with one on one or group Nutrition Counseling and education!

Fire On All Cylinders!